About Slippers-N-Sliders Ski Club

The Slippers-N-Sliders Ski Club of Denver is a non-profit corporation organized and chartered in 1972 for the purpose of promoting the sport of skiing in the metro Denver urban areas. It was in 1973 that the club became one of the founding member clubs of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, Inc (NBS), which is host to four regions (Eastern, Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and Western). The Slippers-N-Sliders Ski Club is one of five clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region (RMR). The NBS is a federation of sixty-plus predominately African American ski/snowboard clubs throughout the nation. These clubs share the same interests and goals of identifying, developing, supporting, and growing athletes of color who will WIN Olympic and international winter sport competitions representing the United States. Special emphasis is placed on developing youth skiers/snowboarders as racers.

We are proud of our achievements. The club hosts both winter and summer activities (e.g., skiing/snowboarding, camping/rafting, hiking/bike riding). Each June the Colorado Parks & Recreation Association hosts a Get Outdoors Day at City Park in Denver at which the club sponsors a booth. A superb annual BBQ is scheduled in August and a Christmas Holiday Party is hosted in December completing festivities for the year.

Looking forward to your participation as we socialize at our monthly Happy Hours; head to the slopes at Keystone (Nov 2015), Winter Park Resort (Dec 2015), Copper Mountain Resort (Jan 2016), RMR WinterFest at Mammoth Resort (Jan 14-19, 2016), Vail Resort (Feb 2016), NBS Summit at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe (Feb 28-Mar 5, 2016), Beaver Creek and Loveland Resorts (March 2016); and support our fundraising efforts throughout the year.